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Set of icons for
a travel blog
Client:Donna VagabondaTools:Adobe Photoshop, Adobe IllustratorShare:

A series of digital illustrations created for «Donna Vagabonda» (Wandering Woman), Eliana Intruglio‘s travel blog. Eliana is a photographer, naturalist and a tireless traveler – and in fact I represented her in a cartoon style with her inseparable camera or immersed in one of her naturalistic observations. These icons are represented by seven categories, which distinguish the blog articles: the aim is to make the content clearer for the visitor.

UNESCO heritage: one or more UNESCO World Heritage sites.
Zoo approved by Donna Vagabonda: zoo visited by Donna Vagabonda where there is total respect for living beings and where initiatives to protect and reintroduce fauna are promoted.
Historical place: a place with a high historical value, protagonist of events that have historically happened.
Sustainable place: a sustainable place, with low impact or 0: it can be an accommodation facility, a museum or an anthropic work. In addition to this, it is possible to find a place that supports the local community through various initiatives (artifacts of craftsmanship, local tourist guides, charity initiatives).
Typical food: indications on restaurants and other places where typical dishes are cooked according to the local food and wine tradition. Local gastronomic excellences can also be reported.
Fauna and flora deserve: one or more important reserves for the protection of fauna and flora: these places can be parks, reserves, important natural areas, oases and more.
Responsible tourism: itineraries, places, good practices and much more concerning responsible, slow and proximity tourism.