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I'm a traditional/digital illustrator, animator and graphic designer based in Italy. After the artistic degree at high school, I graduated in Communication design at Politecnico di Milano, with a thesis in editorial graphic design and illustration, which allowed me to participate in the "Book Object" exhibition and to appear in the catalogue, published by Aiap Edizioni. During the university years I started to collaborate as an illustrator with other graphic designers for their projects, and to make commissioned portraits for private. I moved to Florence few months after the graduation to attend the Animation course at Nemo Academy. I learned the fundamentals of animation, learned how to use softwares as Toon Boom Harmony, Maya and Animate - dedicated to 2D/3D/Flash animation -, to develop all the pre-production part of an animation project as character design, background design and storyboard art. Meanwhile, I continue to collaborate with graphic designers and also with companies, besides making portraits on commission.